Given time.. And they will see right through you
Given time.. Anxiety consumes you

Given time.. You will regret what you have said
Give it time.. And I will watch you break

Current and Upcoming Releases:

Death & Rebirth

The first full length album by AXIS. Orignially released in 2008 on CD, it is now available for digital purchase and streaming.

Death & Rebirth

The follow up E.P. by Axis was originally released in March of 2011. The E.P. is a voyage into more electronic territory featuring only one of the original members.

23 Degrees

Released April of 2015 - 23 Degrees was the sophmore follow-up to Death & Rebirth. The album sports a streamlined member line-up and a faster electronic feel.

B-Sides and Remixes

Scheduled for re-release in May of 2021

Untitled E.P.

Brand new material with the original members of AXIS at the helm. This long overdue E.P. is aimed for a mid-2021 release.