It's such a shame you were meant for so much more...
But you sold your life, free thought, free will and then you gave me your soul...

Axis Industrial Rock Music

So I'll tear you down and rebuild you to espouse my truth...
You can't switch me off or turn me down...just look in my eyes...
Dripping with lies...

Reveille E.P. Release
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Axis - Dementia Vol.1 B-Sides and Remixes
01 Beta Wave (feat. Proteus Pet)
02 Dead by Morning (demo)
03 RX (ZX92 mix by Musim)
04 23 People (unreleased demo)
05 Trial by Fire (The Backward mix by Musim)
06 New Machines (You and Me mix)
07 Unchanged (Incongruence mix by Musim)
08 Tears (demo)
09 Where is My Mind?
10 Waking Up (08/21 Acoustic)

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20 years of industrial rock music

Axis was originally formed shortly after 2000 by departing Thredd member Steven Blackwell. From there the project began to grow - picking up Jason Doherty, Joy Blackwell, Andy Cliett, James Huff, John Beauchamp, and Trent Tomlinson.

This would make up the core of Axis in the beginning years.

From 2001 to 2007 the band worked tirelessly booking show after show. Axis performed with act such as Attrition, Ego Likeness, Haujobb, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult as well as local talents Pittersplatter, God in a Machine and Secret Post. The hurdles of performing live allowed the band to fine tune the music to what would eventually become their debut album 'Death and Rebirth' (2008)

The album spotlighted the different creative influences the band as a whole drew inspiration from. Guitar driven cuts like  'Waking Up' and 'Havoc' were favorites during their live shows while the more dance driven tracks like 'Lost' and 'New Machines' were guaranteed to get the crowd engaged. For the more somber moments, 'Pale' and 'Absent' were designed to spark introspection during times of love and loss. 

With the journey to an official release complete, the band found itself parting ways. Trent and John began their own project dB while James Huff focused on his other band, The Decomposed. This left Steven Blackwell to helm Axis on his own.

For the next 13 years Steven released 2 albums '23 Degrees' (2015)'Occult' (2017) as well as one E.P. 'Polaer' (2011) with female singer Vixx.

The return of Axis

With nearly 20 years under the belt and the dawn of a new decade brings back the main core of Axis. Trent Tomlinson, John Beauchamp and James Huff have returned to rebuild Axis with Steven Blackwell.

They have just released 'Dementia Vol.1' (2021) as a collection of b-sides, demos and remixes that span the full creative cycle of Axis. The release also includes a cover of 'Where is My Mind?' by The Pixies; a band favorite they would often end shows with. As well as a new acoustic strip down of 'Waking Up' lead by Trent and John.

Later this year they will release 'Reveille E.P.' (2021); a prelude to the first full length album with the restored members behind the wheel. The contents of which will bring back the polar extremes Axis was known for with their debut release. 'Manipulator' is a guitar and beat driven onslaught about our lives in the age of misinformation while 'Solstice' is a synth heavy ballad of renewal and redemption. 

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted!

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